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SPIN will be moving. We have a new facility that is being remodeled and we hope to move in during 2019.
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We will be able to offer more job training in the culinary arts, & restaurant services in our new facility!


Last April, SPIN Café announced acquisition of an expanded location to better serve our guests and provide for the needs of the community. As detailed in the Whidbey News Times, the additional space will include a commercial kitchen, laundry, showers, and some privacy for guests accessing resource center services.

Soon to be more than just a pretty picture: SPIN's new expanded location. Since that announcement, SPIN Board of Directors member Tom Saunders has taken the lead on preparation of the space for occupancy. Tom provides us here with an update.

Since April, much has happened. All drawings for the newly designed 3,600 square feet are completed except for electrical, which is expected in early August. Assembly of all paperwork necessary for permitting through the City of Oak Harbor is underway, with approval anticipated by October. Due to the scope of work and cost to complete, construction will be in two phases. Phase One will include the Drop-in and Resource Center which will also include washers, dryers, and a shower. The dining room will feature seating for 72 guests! With multiple seatings, this means we’ll be able to serve over 100 guests for dinner. The cost of this phase is estimated to be nearly $400,000 and require 90 days to complete.

Phase Two will complete construction of the commercial kitchen areas with estimated cost of $100,000. When we can finally prepare our guests’ meals on site, we hope to be open for dinner seven days a week.

This phased approach was necessary in order to address the December lease expiration at our present location and the need to have a new location available for our guests by that time. Funding for each phase must be ensured before we proceed with construction.

Our Board has developed a Plan B – for a temporary location of our drop-in center and meal service – in the event funding is not achieved in time for us to complete the project by the end of the year. But we are counting on the generosity of our community and our supporters to pull us through. The Board of Directors are excited about our new location and are working diligently to see its completion in the very near future.


  • "I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that, then I realized I was Somebody"

    Lilly Tomlin

  • "Love to see others having a heart for our community."

    Marilyn Faber

  • "Thank you for being there for our lonely and homeless."

    Robin Hubert Lamont

  • "Great place to visit with people, play dominos, spades, color or even scrabble."

    Ramona Ferguson

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